Amenities & Facilities

We offer you more than just a place to stay. We provide an environment for you to enjoy the greatest vacation possible. Walk into our hotel and spend a revitalizing, relaxing day off with us.


Experience ultimate comfort with our luxurious rooms and treat yourself with a day of pampering with our infinity pool and jacuzzi or indulge in a blissful relaxation with our deep soaking bathtubs to soothe your senses.

Infinity Pool & Jacuzzi

Experience the joy of swimming in our infinity-edge pool that gives you a nice picturesque view.

Luxurious Rooms

Set forth on an exquisite wellness journey to refresh, re-energize and rejuvenate at our iconic spa.

Glamping Rooms

Our rooms are more than just a place to stay. The relaxing ambience will keep you happy all through.

Deep Soaking Bathtub

Take a dip into these special bath-tubs to soak into a refreshing vacation mode that you’ve wanted.

Free Wifi

We offer special computers and WiFi for guests who’d like to stay connected while on vacation.

Crystal Kayak

We have three in-house restaurants offering different cuisines that you can choose from.

Other Perks & Facilities

Looking for more? Well, we believe that every guest walks into our hotel for the best experience. And, we are determined to do that.

Ocean View Terrace

Among the scenic beauty of the city we also have an ocean view terrace for every suite in our hotel.

Delicious Food

We have team chefs from across the world. So you can enjoy the delicacies anytime during your stay.

Private Beach

Want to take a dip into the sea? All our guests get complimentary access to our private beach.

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